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The Philadelphia Police Officer Who Punched an Innocent Woman in the Face Will Be Dismissed

Lieutenant Jonathan D. Josey, II, the Philadelphia officer who sucker-punched a defenseless and innocent woman in the face during Puerto Rican Day celebrations, has been dismissed by Police Chief Charles Ramsay.

Ramsay overruled an original decision by the Department to suspend him for a month.

Josey’s firing has outraged the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia, who pledges to appeal the decision and have the embattled lieutenant reinstated.

The footage of the police attack on Aida Guzman went viral last month, after Josey mistakenly thought the woman threw water on him. Josey’s punch to Guzman’s face immediately knocked her on the street, where she was arrested, her lip split open and face bloodied. Continue reading


The First, and (Likely) Final, Rap Sheet

Rap Sheet is where comprehensive instances of police abuse and misconduct, and legal outcomes, will be catalogued. It is not meant to serve as a definitive source for all cases of abuse. The primary sources for this information are the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP), Google News, and Reddit/r/BadCopNoDonut.

This week’s Rap Sheet installment features a scuffle-happy sergeant fighting a woman while her house is on fire, the revelation of paid informants on Muslims in New York City and a trigger-happy officer inside Scott Walker’s house. Continue reading

The NYPD is Using Paid Informants to ‘Bait’ Muslims and Here’s the Proof

According to the Associated Press, the New York City Police Department is using paid informants to spy on Muslims and “bait” them into saying bad things.

Up to this point, the NYPD has vehemently denied the existence of such a program.

The report comes from the startling admission of 19-year-old Shamiur Rahman, who accepted $1,000 monthly payments from the NYPD’s intelligence unit in exchange for his informant work and leniency on his marijuana charges. Rahman no longer works as an informant.

The AP corroborated Rahman’s account through phone records, photos and former NYPD officers who verified the existence of paid informants dedicated to spying on Muslims. Continue reading