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U.S. Detains, Harasses Top Pakistani Politician for Anti-Drone Stance

A vehement critic of American drone attacks, and Pakistan’s leading choice as the country’s next Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was detained by U.S. officials yesterday causing him to miss an important fundraiser in New York City.

Before his New York-bound flight could take off, Khan was detained by U.S. immigration authorities who detained him for two hours.

Polls have repeatedly shown Khan to be the most popular leader in Pakistan. The harassment of a state official vital to national security interests hardly bodes well for a future relationship between the two nations.

Khan documented his ordeal in a number of tweets. Continue reading


Drone Attack Kills 3, Injures 2 Children in Pakistan

Per CNN, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned a U.S. drone attack today. The drone’s target was a compound shared by militants and civilians, resulting in the deaths of three people, including one woman.

Government officials also reported injuries to two children.

The ministry took action following strikes on October 10 and 11 by filing a complaint with the U.S. Embassy. Officials denounced the attacks as a “clear violation of international law and Pakistan’s sovereignty.”

How to Disappear Completely: Lessons from the Antiwar Left, Pt. 2

Episode II: Attack of the Drones

In January of this year, the President took a bold step in revealing the once-covert drone war in Northwest Pakistan.

But even upon this admission, the White House has taken the position that, in court, due to the secretive nature of the Pakistan operation, it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the drone attacks. This ridiculous maneuvering has waived Obama from having to comply with judicial review or any Freedom of Information Act requests, because doing so would supposedly threaten national security.

It’s Bush on steroids. Continue reading