The First, and (Likely) Final, Rap Sheet

Rap Sheet is where comprehensive instances of police abuse and misconduct, and legal outcomes, will be catalogued. It is not meant to serve as a definitive source for all cases of abuse. The primary sources for this information are the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP), Google News, and Reddit/r/BadCopNoDonut.

This week’s Rap Sheet installment features a scuffle-happy sergeant fighting a woman while her house is on fire, the revelation of paid informants on Muslims in New York City and a trigger-happy officer inside Scott Walker’s house.

October 23-24, 2012

  • Police officer in Spokane, WA will be sentenced after conviction for using excessive force, lying about beating death.
  • Lawsuit filed in Phoenix, AZ alleges fatal injuries were caused by a riot started by two police officers who also used excessive force.
  • Patterson, NJ officer who arrested a state assemblyman is charged with misconduct, submitting a false report, among other offenses.
  • Police Chief in South Miami, FL is accused of violating ethics laws for steering city business to his wife’s companies.
  • Officer in East Haven, CT pleads guilty to charges of filing a false police report.
  • Ulster, NY Police Chief in trouble for doing nothing after suspecting sex crimes for being committed.
  • A Chattanooga, TN man has sued police for rotator cuff surgery caused by police abuse.
  • An officer in Modesto, CA was arrested on suspicion of sexually molesting a female minor.
  • Via affidavit, former Pennington Gap, VA Police Chief Bryan Young has been accused of orchestrating a burglary on a local pharmacy.
  • Downey, CA officer who used a tactical submachine gun (MP5) to kill an innocent man in a case of mistaken identity acted lawfully and will face no criminal charges.
  • An officer in Tulsa, OK will go to trial after being accused of stealing money from Hispanic drivers during traffic stops in five separate cases.
  • Allen County, IN Sheriff charged with excessive force after being sued by Fort Wayne resident.
  • Two NYPD officers charged with excessive force after killing Brooklyn man with taser attack.
  • One of two Miami, FL officers accused last week in excessive force lawsuit fired for unrelated 2010 incidents where he attacked reporter; failed to respond to emergency dispatches, including a sexual assault and a child trapped in a car.
  • Two NYPD plain clothes officers arrest man at Hunter College subway platform for seemingly no reason, use illegal force. (unverified)
  • No charges for NYPD officer who beat Crown Heights man for no reason.
  • Gary, IN officer arrested in Oklahoma for drug trafficking, with 48 pounds of marijuana in her car.
  • Hamden, CT settles lawsuit against police in 2007 taser death.
  • Trial begins for Milford, CT officer charged with manslaughter after his police car collided with two teenagers.
  • Trial begins for Chicago, IL officers charged with racially-motivated torture of African-American men, dating back decades.
  • Prichard, AL officer found guilty on charges of reckless endangerment.
  • City of East Haven, CT settles anti-Latino discrimination lawsuit.
  • In court, Chicago, IL officer has no memory of beating female bartender, accused suggests cover-up.
  • Three Forest Park, IL officers found guilty of civil rights violations after tasing off-duty Chicago officer.
  • Alameda, CA deputies accused of excessive force in scuffle with pregnant woman.
  • Montrose, PA officer found guilty of killing wife in 1983.
  • NYPD use of paid informants to spy on Muslims verified after informant quits, denounces police.
  • Officer in Battle Creek, MI charged with felony for restricting/obstructing officers, misdemeanor OWI and failure to report accident.

October 22, 2012

  • A state trooper in Wallkill, NY has been suspended without pay after being charged with assault following a domestic incident where he choked his girlfriend.
  • Flagstaff, AZ officer has resigned after using his baton and boots to kill a dog.
  • NYPD officer has pleaded guilty to stealing guns from department for his drug dealer.
  • Police Chief in Macon, GA sentenced to two years in prison for slapping and punching an inmate at a county jail.
  • A sergeant in San Diego, CA is under investigation after being caught on video fighting a woman while her house was on fire.
  • Georgia police drug raid gone awry after 60-year-old home owner killed for picking up a canister of pepper spray during confrontation.
  • City of Amarillo, TX will settle with victim’s family after police shot a defenseless man feeling a fight, firing 40 rounds.
  • Casselbury, FL couple tased and arrested for jaywalking will sue police.
  • NYPD drops charges on homeless man arrested and beaten at Brooklyn synagogue.
  • Two Spring Hill, FL officers shoot naked woman holding “undisclosed” weapon in questionable arrest.

October 21, 2012

  • An officer in McAlester, OK has been charged with felony assault and battery for tasing a handcuffed woman at point blank range.
  • A deputy in Rowan County, NC has been fired after being charged with stalking a former girlfriend.
  • Three Medley, FL officers have been dismissed following traffic accident cover-up, false reports.
October 20, 2012
  • A man in Tulsa, OK has sued police after alleging police officers forced him to do push-ups on the side of the road while illegally searching him for drugs. None were found.
  • Kansas City, MO prosecutor charges officer with felony property damage for purpose of defrauding an insurer.
  • Sioux Falls, SD Police Chief accused of covering up girlfriend’s meth use given 120 days of community service.
  • An officer in Manchester, NH faces charges for car crash where he was driving while intoxicated.
  • Talladega, FL police found guilty of assaulting, imprisoning wrong man.
  • Ocean City, NJ police facing separate lawsuits from alleged K-9 attacks.
  • Passaic, NJ officer found guilty in police brutality case where he a Muslim college student, who was never charged with any crime.
October 19, 2012
  • An officer in Philadelphia, PA is accused of aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment of his wife.
  • Whitaker, PA officer charged for breaking a driver’s window with a gun and threatening her to take responsibility for the incident.
  • An officer in Lebanon, PA charged for crashing into a home. BAC was .236, nearly three times the legal limit.
  • Capitol police officer in Madison, WI accidentally fires gun inside governor’s mansion.
  • In Seattle, three anarchist activists are in federal custody because they refuse to talk, though they’ve been charged with no crime.
  • Man wins lawsuit after two Chattanooga, TN officers who beat him for taking pictures of his home that had been damaged by an unknown vehicle.
  • British film director sues L.A. Sheriff Department for illegally detaining him for months.
  • Video shows false charges filed on Westchester, NY teen who allegedly tried to take officer’s gun.
  • NYPD ordered to pay $1.6 million settlement against officers accused of brutally beating two men for public drinking.
October 18, 2012
  • Officer in San Jose, CA arrested and booked on one count of felony grand theft as a result of suspected time sheet fraud.
  • Police Chief in Mayflower, AR suspended for allegations of paperwork fraud.
  • Milwaukee, WI officer charged with endangering safety by deadly weapon pleads guilty to lesser charge.
  • Two officers in Baltimore, MD charged with assaulting a man after he fled a drug arrest and tried to hide.
  • Officer in Pinellas Park, FL has been arrested for DUI, property damage.
  • Hartford, CT officer arrested, charged with negligent homicide for crash that killed 50-year-old man.
  • Ventura County, CA issues $3.2 million settlement after investigation finds police car was speeding when ramming into a truck, causing a woman to suffer traumatic brain injury.
  • Hopewell, VA officer sentenced to 30 years in prison after sexually assaulting three women while on-duty.
  • Gaston, NC Police Chief and several officers step down following widespread fake testimony.

October 17, 2012

  • Highway Patrolman in Winnsboro, SC has been fired after he was charged with third-degree assault and battery.
  • Officer in Dublin, OH fired after investigation of his relationship with teenage girl.
  • Two officers in Jackson, MS have plead guilty to accepting bribes and face 10-year prison sentences.
  • Houston, TX officer dismissed for having people’s cars towed and pocketing part of the money.
  • A DUI sentence has landed a Lansing, MI officer suspended without pay for three weeks.
  • A deputy in Edinburg, TX has been fired after purchasing cocaine from an undercover officer.
  • Molalla, OR officer charged with conspiring to help another person avoid filing as a registered sex offender.
  • Woman accuses Upper Marlboro, MD deputy of raping her for half an hour in holding cell before trial.A North Dakota sheriff’s deputy resigned after being charged with a break-in at a MN convenience store.
  • NYPD officer arrested for a domestic dispute with a family member that turned violent.
  • San Diego, CA officer arrested and jailed on suspicion of child cruelty and exhibiting gun in a threatening manner.
  • Berwick, PA officer resigns after accusations of providing alcohol to a 19-year-old.
  • Key evidence in Phoenix, AZ destroyed. Court requires police to pay $3.25 million for the death of woman in custody.
  • Sergeant in Lee County, FL suspended after accusations of telling deputies to ignore traffic stops.
  • An on-duty officer in Charleston, WV tried to get a 17-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him to pay off a debt.
  • A state trooper in MS is accused of depriving a woman of her civil rights after stomping on her.
  • No criminal charges for eight Pennsauken, NJ officers involved in 2011 bowling alley brawl and cover-up.
  • Off-duty police officers in Tuscon, AZ beat up man completely unprovoked.
  • Cherryville, NC officer admits operation to protect shipments of stolen goods.
  • Detroit, MI police fatally shoot three harmless dogs during pot bust with no consequences.

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