Joe Klein Thinks It’s Good for the U.S. to Keep Killing 4-Year-Old Children (No, Really)

In a shocking display, Time columnist Joe Klein defended Barack Obama’s drone attack policy in a crude and reckless fashion Monday on the MSNBC program, “Morning Joe.” As a justification, Klein used the argument that drones “save American lives,” and followed up with perhaps one of the most offensive, mind-blowing defenses of cold blooded murder I’ve heard in my life:

The bottom line is, whose 4-year-olds get killed?

This discrete, black and white interpretation of the terrorist threat is not only hollow in its simplicity, but dangerous to our own country. Even a Donald Rumsfield-era Pentagon concluded that the killing of innocent Muslim children is precisely what fuels the anti-American sentiment in the first place.

In a display that Glenn Greenwald calls “nakedly sociopathic,” Klein revels in the ease the new technology has provided U.S. presidents, allowing the military to kill using “joysticks from California.”

On the other side of the aisle, conservative Joe Scarborough issued a strong critique of Obama’s drone attacks, worrying that they may trigger grave consequences in the years to come.

Over at The Guardian, Greenwald has much more to say, including a dead-on comparison between Klein logic and Osama bin Laden’s.

See the exchange between host Joe Scarborough and Klein below:


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